On the Move, Again

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they canvas Old Town Vallarta looking for… new digs!

Map 003This is the method to our madness which I will explain in a bit. But first I should answer the question many of you might have – why are you guys moving? Well, mainly because our priorities have changed. When we first moved here we went to the beach every Saturday and Sunday. Now we haul our beach gear down to Playa Los Muertos about every 3-4 months. We no longer feel the need to live 3 blocks from the beach nor have the desire to pay for that premium. We have been happily paying 7000P per month which is a fair rent for where we live but now our goal is to lower that to 4-5oooP/mo. What to do with the savings? Have more fun! So the next thing to do was to investigate different parts of town. 5 de Diciembre has always had a lot of appeal to us, so as part of our due diligence we checked out all 5 depositos, beer stores, in Cinco and the cheapest case of Pacifico, our house beer, was 240P. At Licoreria Pinto, in Old Town, we buy it for 210P. Sorry Cinco, you’re off the list. Next we checked out Versalles, the colonia south of Plaza Caracol which is very quiet and very clean. We were not able to find any cantinas and very few comidas corridas, like our Fonda Flor. Sorry, Versalles, you’re not going to work either. We even thought briefly about Pitillal but we realized that even though our beach adventures are infrequent, when we have them we don’t want to have to bus to the beach. So we have decided that we want to remain in Old Town.

When we secured our current lease we used a well known property mgr. When we insisted that he help us and not one of his underlings, he served us well. But now we see he is quite busy and we have also noticed that he has had high staff turnover so this time around we will try to go it on our own (that is not to say we are opposed to dealing with highly recommended property mgrs). Circling back to the image above, our method has been to do a grid search of Old Town, take pix and mark interesting possibilities, for future follow-up, on the above map.

El Manantial 005And the search for cheaper housing begins.

El Manantial 004In no particular order, here is a slide show of some of our possibilities:

El Manantial 006

El Manantial 008

El Manantial 009

El Manantial 011

Departamentos 002

Departamentos 003

Departamentos 007And starting this day, since we feel we’re close enough to the end of our current lease to make serious inquiries, we are into phase two of this operation: Following up face to face with our prospects. Based upon exterior appearances alone, this upper level unit (4000P/mo), on Calle Rivera del Rio, across from Rio Cuale is our favorite. We were told that it would be available in April but someone beat us to the punch with a year long lease. Bummer! But we will persevere – never give up, never surrender! Cheers!

Bruce and Cathy 001In a semi-regular feature please meet blog follower Cathy and her PV neighbor Bruce, who hales from BC. Cathy is from Ontario. They are fun people and we’re glad that they shouted out to us, here at the Sea Monkey.

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. As usual Bruce and Mary would love to hear from you, especially any of you with Old Town housing tips. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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