Thanksgiving Day 2015… in Vallarta!

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they celebrate Thanksgiving Day, provecho!

Thanksgiving2015 001My Thanksgiving Day starts with a Skype call to my mother. It’s 7:30 and she is already starting on meal prep. She is hosting four grandkids, three with SOs and two great-grandkids. Buena suerte, I tell her, good luck!

Thanksgiving2015 003But for us, living in Mexico and employed by a Canadian firm, (they had their Thanksgiving Day a couple weeks ago) this is just another workday. We log in as usual.

Thanksgiving2015 007But Mary has a Thanksgiving Day tradition that will not be denied, watching the Macy’s Parade and look, here comes the Pillsbury Doughboy! And a chance for a shout-out to our youngest, Joe! Joe works for the General, General Mills, that is.

Thanksgiving2015 013We’ve logged off our shifts and even though it is Thanksgiving Day, it is still Thursday and a cardio day for the both of us. It was tempting to blow it off because it is Thanksgiving day, but that, my friends, is a slippery slope.

Thanksgiving2015 017Finally it is our turn to celebrate Thanksgiving which starts with beers at our new beach fave, Langosta Loca. It is a bit of a dreary day. Hurricane Sandra, far out to sea, has been causing it to rain for the last day and the rains continue but that will not deter us from our celebration on the beach.

Thanksgiving2015 020And the weather doesn’t slow down these Mexican tourists either, in fact…

A little later they are having one heck of a time, singing along with a couple of cantadores. Apologies for the quality, it is shot under pretty low light conditions.

We are reminded of our first Thanksgiving in Mexico back in 2008 when we were living in Merida. We had taken a day trip to Dzibilchaltún, Mayan Ruins north of Merida, with our friend Dave the Brit. On the bus ride back we got the treat of…

Being serenaded by Tonos Humanos, a Columbian Grupo Folklorico. After Dave the Brit had struck up a conversation with the group leader they launched into a cappella renditions of several of their songs. After they had concluded the leader told Dave, “You’ll have to come see us at Olimpo tonight!” To which Dave replied, “Well, now we don’t have to.” Those Englishmen, can’t take them anywhere. :)

Thanksgiving2015 022Our food has come (the Tilapia special continues, I cannot resist, and Mary doubles down on the Sopa Azteca) and it is time to wish all of you, friends and family, Happy Thanksgiving 2015! Cheers!!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. If you would like to share, Bruce and Mary would love to hear of your Thanksgiving, or anything else you’d like to share. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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