Warranty Claim Numero Dos… En Mexico!

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please come along as Mary negotiates an important warranty claim, here in Puerto Vallarta.

MedtronicsWarrantee 004Mary is proofing the serial number of her insulin pump in this email to Miriam, of Medtronics Mexico. She handled the purchase of Mary’s pump back in May of 2013. The purpose of this email? No, not to order more pump supplies (which is certainly handy, hauling them from the States was such a pain) but to report a pump defect three years into the four-year warranty. This is last Sunday evening.

MedtronicsWarrantee 009This is a supporting doc for the claim, a pic of the defect. On the left, a thread is lifting free.

medtronics 005Miriam got back to Mary right away Monday morning with a number to call, Mary is making that Skype call.

MedtronicsWarrantee 010It’s Wednesday afternoon and the new pump has arrived!

MedtronicsWarrantee 012Out of the box and in service. Medtronics Mexico has come through for us once again, replacing Mary’s $3000+USD pump at absolutely no cost to us, even the shipping is free. BTW: We’re two for two, this is our second happy warranty experience in Mexico. Cheers!

IMG_2452In a semi-regular feature please meet blog followers Albert and Paula from Ontario. We were sitting on the balcony at Travieso’s when suddenly Paula appeared. She and Albert, on the way to celebrate their anniversary at Casa Kimberly, spotted us from their taxi. They had the taxi pull over so they could give us a shout out, what fun! And Albert and Paula… thanks for the beers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. As always, Bruce and Mary love hearing from readers so please feel free. Hasta proximo Domingo!

April 24, 2016 · Bruce · 6 Comments
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