The Evolution of Happy Hour in Old Town, PV

Bienvenido loyal reader, please join Bruce and Mary for happy hour, Cheers!CIMG7631I am at the entrance to Fonda Flor, a comida corrida (literally food on the run) located one door east from the corner of Insurgentes and Carranza.

Since we are still working stiffs 5:00 happy hour is important to us and typically, in our time in Mexico, we have had ours at cantinas offering botanas. But our favorite one, Traviesos has been hiking the prices of their beers dramatically, from 14 to 16 to 18 and just recently to 20P. And frankly, sliced up cold hot dogs and peanuts are starting to lose their allure. So we checked with the good people of Fonda Flor and they said sure, bring your own beers!

CIMG7634Here is the menu this day. That 45P includes soup and agua del dia, we have brought our own beverages.

CIMG7636It is a busy day today. We are directed to the family table near the kitchen.

CIMG7637And the first order of business is to crack a couple of beers so that we can…

CIMG7642Toast the day and this day it is Miercoles!

CIMG7639They treat us well here. Even though, for happy hours, we split one meal, they bring us each a soup. I am loading mine with their home-made hot sauce.

CIMG7648Our meal has come, carne con chile, pork shank in a chile de arbol sauce. It is delicious. The jug in back? It’s our salad dressing. Comida corridas just don’t seem to know about that.

CIMG7651We’re back again and have just toasted Jueves. This delightful meal is pollo napolitano. It is more than enough to fill us both.

CIMG7653And here’s the Fonda Flor crew: Cristina, Delia, Tina and Cristian. Cristina is the owner and does a heck of a job as the kitchen is always singing and laughing.

Anyone who has followed this blog for long knows that we are such tacaГ±os. To demonstrate that quality once more, I have calculated the cost of this happy hour which includes food for two and two beers each: 77P, about $5.15USD. Viva Mexico!

Thanks for visiting gentle reader. Please feel free in sharing any of your happy hour specials. Hasta proximo Domingo!

May 24, 2015 В· Bruce В· 8 Comments
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