Orgánicos del Puerto

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please come along as Bruce and Mary explore a newly opened store, here in Old Town Puerto Vallarta.

OrganicosCasio 017I am standing at the door to Orgánico del Puerto, located on Calle Carranza, entre Calles Naranjo y Camachin. We have just left the market and noticed this new organic and whole foods store and what really gets us looking is…

OrganicosFuji 009this, the organic, cold pressed coconut oil on the right. We bought this exact product at Lo Mejor del Trigo, a seed and cereal store known for its low prices and there it cost 120P. Here? 100P. So, now, in no particular order, is a slide show of some of their offerings, many of which are gluten free and vegan friendly:

OrganicosFuji 011

OrganicosCasio 014

OrganicosFuji 019

OrganicosCasio 011

OrganicosFuji 016

OrganicosFuji 012

OrganicosFuji 008

OrganicosCasio 020

OrganicosFuji 018Clearly, Mary is in her element.

OrganicosCasio 013

OrganicosCasio 019

OrganicosCasio 008

OrganicosFuji 013

OrganicosCasio 010

OrganicosFuji 006The muy amable Martina tells us that more goodies are on the way including, and this is exciting to me… protein powder! She tells us that she has both soy and whey protein powders coming. Orgánicos del Puerto will be a regular stop for us on market day, that is for sure.

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader.  As you know, Bruce and Mary love comentarios, so please feel free. Hasta proximo Domingo!

September 14, 2014 · Bruce · 8 Comments
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