Optica Americana

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they have another very pleasant experience with a local vendor in Puerto Vallarta.

003I’m at the entrance to Optica Americana located in Macroplaza on Av Francisco Villa.

lentes-020Here’s what brought me in. BTW: Those prices include the exam.

002And this is why I am in the market. I’d already epoxied that bow once and now it is splinted with toothpicks and electrical tape. The epoxy was holding well but a funny thing happened to my glasses election night. That was the final straw as my prescription was quite old and the lenses were all scratched up.

lentes-008Here is a sample of the frames available for 495P. They all seem quite robust but I don’t see a style I like, so…

lentes-009I make my choice from this selection. It’s going to set me back 1180P, about 60 bucks.

lentes-002Here are some more offerings.

lentes-001The exam begins, conducted by the very professional Yoali.

lentes-005And the exam continues, mejor? peor? lo mismo? Better? Worse? Or the same?

lentes-019I have my test glasses on and I’m looking around the mall, trying to get a feel for this prescription. It doesn’t seem quite right so I am back in the chair again. Mary said she thought she saw Yoali get a little frustrated with me which is understandable, I am always so afraid that I’ll mess up these eye exams. Finally Yoali, with a smile, had me look at the chart with my old lenses. Holy crap, this new prescription is so much better. The exam is over.

lentes-021While we’re here Mary has Yoali adjust the frames for her new glasses, purchased here a few months ago. In a few minutes they are no longer sliding down her nose. Gratis, of course.

002It’s a week later and I am picking up my new glasses. They fit perfectly, no adjustment needed, and it’s really nice to see very clearly once again.

022Here’s looking at you, kid.

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Hasta proximo Domingo!

December 4, 2016 · Bruce · 10 Comments
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