On the Right Side of the River

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please come along with Bruce and Mary on another… walkabout, Cheers!

Rio Pitillal 015We’re at the bus stop at Calles Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes and as we are going to Pitillal, any green bus will do.

Rio Pitillal 028We’re at la Plaza Principal de Pitillal, having debarked the bus minutes ago. Wondering what these monuments are all about?

Villa de Guadalupe Rio Pitillal 033In the Mexican-American War, Los Ninos Heroes, The Boy Heroes, six cadets, fell defending Chapultepec Castle against invading US forces. Francisco Marquez was 13 years old.

Rio Pitillal 029Every Mexican park has a pavilion at its center, this is a particularly nice one.

Rio Pitillal 047We’ve left the park and are walking along Calle Independencia. We notice that the streets and sidewalks are in very good repair and the shops and houses are well maintained. And, there is the feel of prosperity.

Rio Pitillal 057This is the shiniest and most modern tortilleria we have ever seen.

Rio Pitillal 049Those are some nice looking apartments, above Chicano.

Rio Pitillal 050For some reason we are surprised to find, here in Pitillal, maybe the largest Oxxo in Jalisco.

Rio Pitillal 058I’m crossing over one of several causeway bridges. The causeways carry the torrential rains to Rio Pitillal.

Rio Pitillal 068Hmm, a large deposito, beer store, we will have to check it out.

Rio Pitillal 067A case of Corona for only 200P, that’s a really good price!

Rio Pitillal 061As we head away from Centro it gets a little more rustic.

Rio Pitillal 069We’ve referenced our map and a half block after crossing Av Las Torres we take a right on Calle Republica Argentina, entering Colonia Villa de Guadalupe.

Rio Pitillal 074We come upon what we guess to be gov’t housing. If so, you go gov! These seem very nice.

Rio Pitillal 076We’ve come to Rio Pitillal where Calle Argentina curves east, turns into Calle Libertad and parallels the river.

Rio Pitillal 081We’re looking down Calle Libertad towards the mountains.

Rio Pitillal 078As we walk Libertad we find that land fronting the river banks is maintained like a park. These gals have a nice picnic spot. I bet there is one for us, as well.

Rio Pitillal 083Oh yes, this will do nicely but first…

Rio Pitillal 088We want to walk this park to its end which is defined by this beautiful apartment building.

Rio Pitillal 085We’re backtracking to our picnic spot, it is just beyond this clearing.

Rio Pitillal 090Almost there.

Rio Pitillal 092And our picnic commences, no food, just beer, Cheers!

Rio Pitillal 096Our view looking east.

Rio Pitillal 093From our vantage we can see kids frolicking in the river.

Rio Pitillal 097But alas, our time by the river is over and it is time to head back. But we have come to a conclusion. After checking out the other side of Rio Pitillal, in Colonia Infonavit, this side is the right side of the river,

Rio Pitillal 071We take a short-cut to the Las Torres bridge and crossing over we take a moment to…

Rio Pitillal 103Take a look at where we just were, up the banks where the river meanders to the left.

And feeling a bit peckish, after crossing the river we walk a few blocks to…

Rio Pitillal 110JuanBurguer! For a little pick-me-up. Provecho!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. If any of you have a walkabout you’d like to share, please feel free! Or you can comment on any darn thing you like. :) Hasta proximo Domingo!

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