Papeleria Limon

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they discover in their own backyard what they had been searching widely for, provecho!

Limon 004Mary is at the entrance of Papeleria Limon located in Old Town, Vallarta on Calle Carranza entre Av Insurgentes y Calle Constitucion.

Limon 004 (2)Right inside the door is this colorful display of wrapping paper. All the clerks are busy with people at the moment so we take the time to browse a little.

Limon 007Ah, so now we know where to buy gift bags and …

Limon 015Tissue paper in many colors.

Limon 013Here’s quite an assortment of party favors and decorations.

Limon2 002Greeting cards are a little harder to find in Mexico than you might expect.

Limon 011They stock all styles and sizes of notebooks. Mary being the great note-taker that she is has bought many here.

Limon 010And of course they stock a vast array of paper, colored paper, markers, and tape, everything you would expect in an office supply store.

Limon 009Here is an assortment of day planners. Stacked above you can see canvases.

Limon 003 (2)For kids of all ages, streamers, coloring books and puzzles.

Limon 008And more fun, juguetes, games.

Limon 006Displayed here are backpacks for back-to-schoolers and adults.

Limon 005 (2)We think this is pretty cool, a world class selection of flags.

Limon 017We are a little surprised that this mom and pop tienda handles HP printers.

Limon2 001Sombreros?!

Limon 002We’ve shopped  in this store many times but this the first time we have had the chance to meet the muy amable owner, Luis, who directs us to…

Limon2 003The very talented Rosy. In front of her is our custom made 2015 calendar featuring, naturally, pix of the grand-kids. We had been back to Office Depot for our 2016 edition but they no longer do that. We checked out the Kodak store in Plaza Caracol and they directed us to either Sam’s Club or Costco but we were not too excited about those prospects. So you can imagine how excited we were to find that Rosy, right here in our neighborhood Papeleria, is quite capable of creating our 2016 calendar.

Limon2 007Rosy has plugged our thumb drive into her computer and is calling up pix, following Mary’s directions.

Limon2 008This day Rosy is assisted by Rosita.

Limon2 013Two days later we stop and in and the calendar is done. And believe me friends, it is Niagara Falls for Mary.

Thanks for visiting gentle readers. If any you have favorite tiendas to share or comentarios on any subject, Bruce and Mary are always happy to hear from you. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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