Infonavit Walkabout

Bienvenido, loyal reader. As followers of this blog know, Bruce and Mary love a good walkabout, and they invite you to come along, Provecho!

Infonavit2 002As with most of our walkabouts they begin with a bus ride. We are at the bus stop on Calle Basilio Badillo just shy of Av Insurgentes. We were looking for any green Pitillal bus but, as an added bonus, we see at the top of the destination menu that this one will take us right into the heart of Colonia Infonavit.

Infonavit2 008We’ve ridden the bus all the way through Infonavit to where Av Los Torres is about to cross Rio Pitillal and this is where we will start our walkabout. And you are welcome to…

LasAmericasWalkabout 002Follow along, if you like! Col. Infonavit lies “behind” Macroplaza which is on the main road to Pitillal, on Av Francisco Villa.

Infonavit2 011We’d been walking Calle Cisne when we spot this path to the river.

Infonavit2 015We catch a glimpse of a horse watering himself on the far banks of the river.

Infonavit2 012We look away from the river and see what appears to be gov’t housing. Which gets me to the fact that you were probably wondering what’s up with ‘Infonavit’ as a name for a colonia? Who is this Infonavit guy, a buddy of Pancho Villa’s or what? In actuality, Infonavit is the name of a gov’t program designed to provide low income housing. The difference being, as a local pointed out to us, that opposed to say Detroit’s low income housing, here, residents own their homes. In fact Infonavit is the largest home mortgage source in Latin America.

Infonavit2 020Our river path has turned into Calle Jose Manuel, and here comes an even better laundry shot…

Infonavit2 017Mary loves laundry day shots.

Infonavit2 021This magnificent Arbol Tamarindo begs to have its picture taken.

Infonavit2 024We’ve decided to leave the river and head into the heart of Infonavit.

Infonavit2 025We’re walking Av. Hidalgo, which appears to be a main artery east/west through Infonavit, when we spot this produce stand and I check it out. Not bad, sandias personales, personal watermelons are 14P/kg. This morning at Mercado Emiliano Zapata they were 13P.

Infonavit2 026We come across this apartment building and the caretaker is at her door so we casually inquire as to rates: Studio 2500P/mo,  two bedroom 3500P. You can sure tell we’re not in Old Town.

Infonavit2 028We’ve walked Hidalgo until it teed at a bunch of wild land, took a right on Calle Augustin Iturbide for a few block and then took a left, heading west, on Calle Nicolas Bravo.

Infonavit2 029This attractive brick house catches our eye.

Infonavit2 053We’ve come to more gov’t housing and it is done so nicely. Separating the rows of houses is an alley way garden that we see is well taken care of. The developement is between calles Marcelino Garcia Barragan y J. Jose Gonzales Gallo.

Infonavit2 052This is perhaps a better view of how the houses are laid out. The neighborhood exudes tranquility.

Infonavit2 042We’ve finally found our way to the neighborhood park which borders on Calles J. Jose Gonzales Gallo y Javier Mina.

Infonavit2 043There’s even a basketball court, but for us…

Infonavit 002It’s Tecate time! Hope you enjoyed the walkabout, Cheers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. If you have stories of the neighborhoods of Vallarta, please share. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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