Alfareria Tlaquepaque

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please follow along as Bruce and Mary do some last minute gift shopping for their annual visit to Minnesota, provecho!

La TaqueriaF 046Alfareria Tlaquepaque is located at the corner of Calle Rep. de Chile y Av Mexico in the colonia muy tranquilo, 5th de Diciembre.

This very well stocked tienda has perhaps the finest collection of artesanías, hand crafted goods, of any store we’ve been in, in our time in Mexico. It has been around for 61 years (same as me! I told the clerk) and is stocked with goods crafted here in Jalisco and with imports from nearby Mx states. Following is a slide show of some of their offerings.

La TaqueriaF 019We’ll start with glassware.

La TaqueriaF 040

La TaqueriaF 041

La TaqueriaF 031Now we’ll go with bowls and such…

La TaqueriaF 024

La TaqueriaF 006

La TaqueriaF 029

La TaqueriaF 035How about a little crockery?

La TaqueriaF 015See the wicker-ware in back?

La TaqueriaF 016Well, there’s a lot more, which causes Mary great joy! She had one of the finest wicker collections around, back in the States.

La TaqueriaF 038They even have wicker sconces.

La TaqueriaC 040Here is a portion of their stamped tin sculptures, the rest are…

La TaqueriaC 039decorating the walls.

La TaqueriaF 023Dias de los Muertos approaching? This is the place.

La TaqueriaF 032Instead of constantly baking my pate, maybe I should invest in a sombrero?

La TaqueriaF 022They have a huge selection of lamps.

La TaqueriaF 026They even have original artwork.

La TaqueriaF 009-001The muy amable Jose has been very helpful with our purchases.

I’m sure Alfareria Tlaquepaque is well known to the citizens of 5th de Diciembre but what a wonderful find for us. This will definitely be our go-to store for any regalos, gifts, in the future. Cheers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Bruce and Mary think they hit the jackpot with Alfareria Tlaquepaque, but who knows, there could easily be a rival in PV, if so, please let them know. And of course comentarios on any other subjects are more than welcome. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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