Abarrotes Talpa

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they do their weekly grocery shopping at their new mercado, Abarrotes Talpa, provecho!

Abbarotes Talpes2 001Mary is at the south entrance to Abarrotes Talpa which is located on Calle Pavo Real entre Calle Canario y Paseo De Las Torres en Col. Sauces.

137And this is the north entrance which fronts on Calle Colibri.

Abbarotes Talpes2 004This is the first of two banks of coolers.

Abbarotes Talpes2 003

Abbarotes Talpes2 031We’re lucky, the daily shipment has just arrived. In the future we’ll have to time our visits for early afternoon as the pickings are a little slim just prior to the daily deliveries.

Abbarotes Talpes2 032The champiñones, mushrooms are looking very good today.

141I’m the jitomate, roma tomato, whisperer.

140Poblanos are looking good today, as well.

144Mangos have been in season so that has been a part of breakfasts for a while.

139That’s a pretty robust serrano.

146This might be Mary’s favorite offering in the store, the homemade frijoles. They are delicious!

Rose 002Fernando runs the carniceria here. He is a lot friendlier than he looks here.

Abbarotes Talpes2 024They offer fresh pan, bread, daily.

143They have a large selection of canned goods including my beloved Guayamex Sardinas.

Abbarotes Talpes2 005And they have rack after rack of snacks throughout the store.

Abbarotes Talpes2 018I’m a little surprised that they stock breakfast cereal. Sorry Joe, looks like the General got beat to the punch.

Abbarotes Talpes2 027Here’s a decent selection of jugos, juices.

Abbarotes Talpes2 013In this corner is bottled water and cleaning products. I wish I could figure out a way to get the word out that the tap water, here in Vallarta, is perfectly safe and actually quite tasty.

Abbarotes Talpes2 028And of course they have dog food but I doubt this would be enough to feed the dogs on our street, alone.

Abbarotes Talpes2 039Mary is settling up with Oli, who is quite efficient and friendly.

And that my friends, in our new neighborhood, is how we roll when it comes to groceries, Cheers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. If you have favorite tiendas that you’d like to share, please do! Hasta proximo Domingo!

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