Aniversario Numero 41

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please come along as Bruce and Mary celebrate number 41, disfrutala!

CIMG7893It’s Friday afternoon of our anniversary celebration and we are safely ensconced in one of our favorite places on earth, Casa Azul in the magical fishing village of Yelapa.

CIMG7928Here is a proper shot of our vantage.

After relaxing with a couple beers we are starting to feel a bit peckish so we head out and quickly remember what we had forgotten, joints here in town (lots of places on the beach are open all day) don’t open until 6 but maybe we’ll get lucky at…

CIMG7925Los Abuelos. Our friends John and Lalo highly recommend this place.

CIMG7901Los Abuelos does not open for another hour but Fabian, the owner, is happy to show us the menu and gladly  accommodates us when we ask if we can sit and sip some beers until they are officially open. So here we are at a table with a view in this beautiful restaurant. I can think of worse ways to kill an hour.

CIMG7903Speaking of views, this is it! And we get the bonus of watching a pod of juvenile dolphins feeding, breaching and frolicking.

CIMG7905Mary is admiring the basil plant growing right next to our table and where there is basil…

CIMG7922There is often dill.

CIMG7917Our food comes, this is my Caesar Salad, it is huge! And…

CIMG7919Chock full of delicious grilled chicken. It is a delightful and filling meal.

CIMG7916And here is Mary’s meal. She ordered a blue tortilla quesadilla as well as the chimichanga (which comes with a salad) because she thought at 20P, the chimichanga would be a midget. Wrong! And it is tasty ! The quesadilla will serve quite well for breakfast tomorrow.

CIMG7923Bien hecho server Daniel and owner Fabian!

We head out and leisurely walk back to Casa Azul where we while the night away listening to exotic birds as the sun sets on the bay of Yelapa.

CIMG7951We’ve slept in and now we’re just lounging about Casa Azul. While getting our coffee fix (Thank you Di for the lifesaving Via sticks) and grazing on nuts, raisins and Mary’s quesadilla we notice this dramatic nest and we know it was not there yesterday. And, ironically, because of our Estero El Salado tour last week, we actually know the bird that makes these unusual nests, the Yellow-Winged Cacique

CIMG7929Before the day starts slipping away from us we get ready for the beach, but we will take a long-cut and do a little exploring along the way aided by our secret weapon…

CIMG7975The rare Yelapa map! This is the best one I could find after hours of googling. If you have a better one, please share! BTW: Several of the joints are no longer with us.

CIMG7930On our little walkabout we come upon this magnificent Hanging Lobster Claw heliconia rostrata. Hummingbirds love this plant.

CIMG7931We’ve angled up the hill a little north of the church and after discovering a nice general store and perhaps the only taco stand in town we come across this pool hall. It’s closed right now, but maybe later?

CIMG7933We’re about to crest the rampart leading to the stairs down to the beach. About midway on the right half of this pic you can see a blue house, that is our Casa Azul.

CIMG7935Before our descent we linger here for a moment just taking in the view.

CIMG7940We’ve checked out all the joints on the beach to this point, using the price of beer as our standard, as usual, and we are happy to report that here at Fanny’s you can get a cold one for only 20P. As we are getting settled in a hang glider makes the scene providing a little entertainment.

CIMG7938Also providing entertainment is the thatching team next door.

Now it’s time to soak up some sun, take a cooling dip in the ocean and sip beers. Rinse and repeat. After a time we (me mostly) start to get a bit hungry. After looking at the menu I decide on the filete de pescado al ajo, the garlic fried fish filet. Mary says she will make tacos out of some of the beans, rice and veggies and that is all she wants. Always the cheap date, my Mary.

CIMG7943Oops! I have dug into the food before Mary has had a chance to take a pic, sorry about that. BTW: Everything is done perfectly.

CIMG7946Our most excellent server and nephew of the owner, Maclay. When we ask him why everything is so cheap, he tells us that when his uncle bought the place, a year ago, the place was pretty run down with a poor reputation, so now they are trying to bring it back. I’m pretty sure they will.

CIMG7949We’ve made the ascent from the beach and I am taking a breather before we walk down into the village.

After relaxing, napping and reading at Casa Azul, pretty much whiling away the afternoon, it gets to be dinner time. It’s a little past 6 so we know all the joints will be open.

CIMG7953We’ve decided upon Ray’s place. We’ve been here on other visits and know the food is good (and the beers are only 20P) and we also want to renew our acquaintance with Ray as he is a pretty fascinating and informative guy.

CIMG7957Our food comes. This is Mary’s monster Portobello Burger, take it away Mary: Portobellos can be so incredibly meaty and this one is no exception. The bun is massive and turns into breakfast for another day. The sandwich is a tasty as it is beautiful!

CIMG7955Holy Mackerel, this is my Puntos de Pollo, Chicken Tips, en Salsa Chipotle! It is absolutely spectacular! It is one of the finest meals I have ever had. Ray had warned that the sauce would be quite spicy and it is muy picoso, but well within my wheelhouse.

After our meals, Ray joins us and we chat for quite awhile. We find that he is a welder by day making a lot of protectores for folks. And we find that his dad was a butcher and that his love of the culinary arts was fostered early in his life, while growing up in Veracruz.

CIMG7954Here’s Ray and staff, the principal being his wife.

CIMG7962We’ve settled up with Ray and are on our way back to Casa Azul when we come across this girls basketball game. These jugadores, players show a high level of ball handling skills and are certainly not afraid to shoot the ball.

CIMG7966We’re back at Casa Azul and firing up one of our anniversary movies (our daughter Helen turned us on to it) Wrist Cutters, A Love Story. It’s pretty romantic.

CIMG7974It’s Sunday morning. After sleeping in and breakfast snacking and coffee dosing we piddle away at packing for our trip back to Vallarta. We’re on the pier waiting for the noon water taxi when this pescadore, fisherman walks by. Mary asks what kind of fish it is and when she fumbles at the word he tells her it is something like Tuna.

CIMG7970Another pescadore has been cleaning fish and he dumps his “chum” on the rocks causing this fury.

CIMG7972I can see why they call them Turkey Vultures.

Our noon water taxi arrives five minutes early and whisks us back to Boca, Mary grits her teeth the entire time as the taxi is flitting entirely too close to the rock outcroppings along the way. We do safely debark the taxi at the Boca pier, climb the stairs to the bus stop and find a bus waiting for us and soon we are back home, in Old Town Vallarta.

CIMG7980Hahaha, selfies aren’t just for cell cams! We’re at the entrance of CoExist with our point and shoot Casio (courtesy Meryah, son Joe’s better half) and it is the actual date of our anniversary. CoExist is our current default special event restaurant.

CIMG7982Even though it is 93 degrees we prefer the pool side tables over the air conditioning. I know, that is a little weird.

CIMG7987Our food has come, all yours, Mary: I opt for the Sopa de Tortilla which is a delicious, tomato broth laced with guajillo chili peppers and topped with tortilla strips and avocado. Simply the best, and much more food than I remembered, I won’t be helping Bruce with his pizza! Bruce chooses the Mexican Pizza, a pie with very sweet tomatoes, onion and spicy chorizo all nestled on a superb, basil infused tomato sauce. Very tasty.

And that my friends is a wrap of Aniversario numero 41, Cheers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Bruce and Mary would love to hear of your defaults for celebration, please share. Hasta proxima Domingo!

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