Salsa Grill

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they delve into the vast Puerto Vallarta Hospitality scene for the first time in quite a while. Provecho!

Salsa Grill 001Mary is at the entrance to Salsa Grill located in Col. 5 de Diciembre at the corner of Av Mexico and Calle Honduras.

Salsa Grill Casio 021You may recall that we capped our walkabout last week with our first visit to Salsa Grill, this is what brought us in .

Salsa Grill Casio 018Mary stakes out a table for us and…

Salsa Grill 004We take a load off and enjoy our view of 5 de Diciembre .

Salsa Grill 013Our beers come, along with complimentary chips and salsa. On the right is a tasty pico de gallo and on the left is Salsa Grill’s signature salsa. It is smokey and substantial and… muy, muy picante, I love it!

SaturdayWalkAbout 063And here are our nachos, we’d upgraded from plain to chicken for an extra 20P. Mary says this is how nachos should be done, with the toppings and cheese on each chip, which is a much more efficient delivery of tastiness-per-bite. This is an important equation, especially when the temps are high and the beers are cold.

Salsa Grill 010We’re back again! What we are discovering about Salsa Grill is… not only is the food great but the ambience is so cool. Much like the ill-fated Restaurante Cuhautes, it is the type of cozy joint where you can easily spend an entire afternoon, sipping beers, noshing food and watching the people passing by.

Salsa Grill Casio 011Mary has one of her favorites, Sopa de Tortilla, but wait, there’s more…

Salsa Grill Casio 014This tortilla soup has little nuggets of avocado throughout, along with very tasty guajillo chili. Mary claims, without a doubt, and without any hyperbole, that this is the best Sopa de Tortilla she has ever had, and that is high praise from the reigning soup queen!

Salsa Grill Casio 013Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! The Beef Kabob is done a perfect medium rare with a savory peppercorn note that contrasts beautifully with the sweet bell peppers. And who doesn’t love cheesy baked potatoes?!

Salsa Grill Casio 007Kudos to the cooks!

Salsa Grill Casio 016And a big muchas gracias to our most excellent mesero, Serafin.

Following are pix of their menu:

SaturdayWalkAbout 065

SaturdayWalkAbout 066

SaturdayWalkAbout 067So, before we bid you adieu we must say that we highly recommend Salsa Grill for their food and their ambience as it is a great place to just hang out. Cheers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Bruce and Mary are always searching for new adventures on the PV hospitality scene so readers, please share. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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