Hasta La Vista, Viejo Vallarta, Bye Bye Old Town!

Beinvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they make a pretty big transition. Please come along and lend a hand, if you like. 🙂

085Mary is standing in the kitchen of a rental unit in Col. Versalles. It’s in our budget range but I am standing in the entrance door taking this pic and except for a small bedroom and bath in back, this is the size of it. I am afraid it is a little too small a cell for we two escapees from the working life. We like most people, see their income go down, not up, when they retire. We’ve enjoyed our four years in Old Town, three blocks from the beach, but now we can no longer afford it. And our needs and desires have changed. When we first moved here to Puerto Vallarta from Merida, Yucatan, we were working stiffs and we took our big bag of beach gear to la playa every single Saturday and Sunday. These days? I bet it’s been a year since we have done that. And like our friend Juan, owner of Juan’s Burguers, says, “If you want to go to the beach, take a bus!” We’ll do that.

Vacation Forever 022We’re looking at a unit in Bario Santa Maria in a nice neighborhood. It’s ok but again, just a little too confining.

Versalles 015We’re starting to get a little frustrated by property managers and owners who don’t show up for appointments or don’t return our calls. So we resort to wandering desirable neighborhoods looking for “se renta” signs. But you know what? These guys don’t return calls either.

Then a light switch goes on, we don’t have to do this on our own. I guess we thought we had gotten so smart about Vallarta and armed with Mary’s Spanish we thought we could. So we marched into Vistalegre just like we did four years ago. At that time they found us (for our price range) the ideal place in Old Town. Then, we dealt with Alex, the owner. Now we are dealing with his right hand man, Zenon. Right off the bat he shows us pix of a house that, with a little negotiation, is in our price range. The thought of living in a whole house is almost a little dizzying, we had not hoped for that. So Zenon arranges for us to look at it the very next day.

Casa Nueva 007And there it is, the white one. It is located in…

Jardines de VallartaColonia Jardines de Vallarta.

Casa Nueva 023The muy amable, very amiable Blanca, the owner, shows us around. We love it! So we sit down and in about 10 minutes we have a deal, 4800P/mo. At current exchange rates, that’s about $266USD for a two level, two bedroom, 1 1/2 bath house, Woohoo!

IMG_20160510_112040457The very next day we are at Vistalegre inking the contract.

IMG_20160510_112304501Thank you Zenon for a job very well done!

003Less than a week later it is moving day. I’m on the last of three flights of stairs.005We were originally quoted 1500P for the move, which I thought was a little high. So, tacaño that I am, I contacted the mover directly. I was told he speaks English but I found that it’s more like he does not speak one word of English but I was able to convey “todos nuestros posesiones seran en la calle” everything we own will be on the street. And that got us a quote of 700P, que bueno!

004The first thing to go on the truck is our elliptical machine. That sucker had been causing us anxiety all week. Mary is quite strong, but small. Thankfully, getting it down the stairs went better than we anticipated.

006Whew, what a day, but we are all moved in, in a day, so… Cheers!

And now a slide show of our new place, now that we are fairly settled in:

Moved in 017In the back of the house is the laundry room and frankly once Mary saw that, it was game over. She is one of those rare women who love to do laundry.

Moved in 019Mary is in the kitchen, the door leads to the laundry room.

Moved in 020This is a view of the living room from the kitchen.

Moved in 026Mary is at our computer station at the front of the house, opposite…

Moved in 024The second bedroom which for now is our exercise room.

Moved in 027Time to head upstairs to…

Moved in 028The master bedroom. After our last place, it is such a luxury to have a bedroom that we can actually put a couple of chairs in.

Moved in 025Mary is watering the garden. Blanca has instructed us that now, during the dry season, we are to water the garden cada dia, every day. Yes, maam!

Casa Nueva 005This is the view up our street and…

Casa Nueva 006Down our street. It is a quiet working class neighborhood, perfect for us.

Paseo de Salmon Walk 014And this is a view of us, on our new deck, celebrating happy hour, Cheers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. As always Bruce and Mary appreciate comentarios, on any subject you’d care to share. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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