Annual Check-up, Mexican Style

Bienvenido, loyal reader. It’s that time of year again, when Bruce and Mary do their medical stuff. Please follow along to see how they do it SOB, south of the border, in Puerto Vallarta.

Laboritorios Medisim 004Mary is standing in front of our neighborhood Farmacia Medisim, located on Calle Constitucion, entre Calles Cardenas y Madero. Every year, just before our annual pilgrimage back to MN for MDD, we do our check-ups. You see, Mary is a type one diabetic and I am a heart attack survivor and what makes things a little more tricky for us is, we are “self insured”, a euphemism for… we don’t have any. Now that works fine down here, we can handle an “event” without financially damaging ourselves too much, but not so, NOB, so we always like to make sure that we are good to go!

Laboritorios Medisim 010Like many Mexican farmacias, Medisim has a medico, GP, on staff. You can wait your turn and visit her for 30P, about $2.35USD for any of the same reasons you’d visit a GP in the States.

Laboritorios Medisim 007And, like many farmacias, Medisim has its own lab.

Laboritorios Medisim 011I am patiently waiting my turn while…

Laboritorios Medisim 013the friendly lab tech, Violeta, starts a file on Mary and then…

Laboritorios Medisim 018it’s time for the actual blood let. And now…

Laboritorios Medisim 023it’s my turn. On the suggestion of my virtual doc, Dr. Lynn Kelley (brother Paul’s wife) I have ordered a full metabolic panel, complete blood count and a lipid panel. Total cost? 1275P, about $99.50USD.

Laboritorios Medisim 025We did the blood-work Saturday and today, Monday, we are picking up the results, they will be available online later today. And we’re picking up our meds such as Pravastatina and lisinopril (neither of which require a prescription) because Lunes, Monday, is 25% off day. Tacaños that we are, we have checked out pretty much all the farmacias in the area and with the Monday discount this is the cheapest place. Back in the States we had no idea where the cheapest pharmacies were. We just went to Target and paid the co-pay.

From here we walk over to Hospital Medasist and Mary makes an appointment with Dermatologist Dr. Alberto Saavedra for tomorrow, yes you read that right, tomorrow. The next day we head over (forgetting our camera) and the good doc examines Mary and pronounces that for the most part everything looks good but he does suggest lasering off a wart on a finger and a tiny growth near her mouth. Then he looks at Mary’s labs and pronounces her fit as a fiddle and with a remarkably low, 5.3, A1C test (blood sugar over time, the most important test for a diabetic) that actually puts her in the range of “normal” people. :) The cost? 800P (400P for the office call, 400P for the lasering) about $62.40USD.

dra lupita and bookcase 004I’m sitting with my cardiologist Dra. Guadalupe Lewgot, Lupita to her patients. She is reviewing my lab work (she does tell me that she would prefer we use Medasist’s lab next time). Then she does an ECG, electrocardiogram, compares it with last year’s (I had remembered to bring it in, the patient owns all his test results) and pronounces me good to go! The total cost is 900P (500P for the office visit, 400P for the ECG) about $70USD.  And that, my friends, is a wrap for this year, Cheers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Bruce and Mary would love to hear your medical tales, or any other tales, for that matter, so please feel free in sharing. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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