Cascadas Las Pilitas

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they… take a hike!

CIMG7753We’re headed up the Rio Cuale once again and we’d like to bus as far as possible which requires a Paso Del Guayabo bus and we’re in luck as we only have to wait about 10min. for one. Our destination? Cascadas Las Pilitas, The Pilitas Waterfalls. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re real suckers for waterfalls.

CIMG8043We’ve come to the end of the line, Paso del Guayabo.We’re hoofing it from here on in.

CIMG8046As we hike we see that every family has its own favorite waterhole.

CIMG8049We’ve been walking about a half hour when we come to this fork. If you stay to the left on Calle Filipe Angel, the street we’ve been walking, you’ll come to the bridge in about a 100m. But to get to the falls we need to start our ascent, here. We asked a number of locals how far up the mountain and we got answers ranging from a 20min. walk to muy lejo, it’s very far. I guess we’ll never know until we get there.

CIMG8069As we trek up the mountain many beautiful vistas present themselves.

CIMG8053Shoot, a fork in the road, we were not expecting that. We decide to take the choice the sign suggests as nothing points to the right.

CIMG8068We pass by several ranches along the way.

CIMG8076Doggone it, another fork, which way this time? With such an unfortunate name as Extreme Gotcha we decide to go the other way.

CIMG8078The gate should have tipped us off that this is not the way, but we walk about another 10 minutes before we discover that this trail pretty much disappears.

CIMG8113Mary found a walking stick! And she reports that it is really helpful on the steeper inclines.

CIMG8065Sometimes a person can feel pretty small in a place like this, but then…

CIMG8079A pack of ATVs can snap you right out of your reverie. We probably had 5-6 groups roar by us on our hike, some consisting of perhaps 20 units.

CIMG8083Finally, after an hour and a half of hiking (it is 94F today) we have come to our last fork. A passerby tells us to take the right.

CIMG8112Mary is at the entrance to Restaurante Pilitas which seems to sit atop the falls. It appears that to enjoy the falls you pretty much have to patronize the restaurant, but first we take a look around.

CIMG8084This is a view from above the main waterfall and looking into the primary pool.

CIMG8105And this is looking at that same waterfall from the pool area, speaking of which…

CIMG8110The restaurante has added a pool of their own.

CIMG8107Mary’s doing her best to keep track of me.

CIMG8089We’ve brought our own beers, so after reconnoitering we decide to walk through the back door of the restaurant, head up the river just a tad and find our own pool to dip our toes into and here it is…

CIMG8087And now a close up of our own…CIMG8090Personal waterfall!! :)

CIMG8098You can tell it has not rained in the mountains for some time as the water is running crystal clear.

CIMG8092Hahaha, who says you need a camera phone to take a selfie!?

About half way on our trek here we asked a local how much further the walk was to Cascadas Las Pilitas and he gave us a pretty accurate guess, but then he added, when we grimaced, “Pero, es muy bonita, vale la pena!” Now that we have been here and done that, I think I would say, if you have wheels or a horse, yes, it is worth it. On foot for an hour and a half each way, not so sure. And I am beginning to think we are unrealistic because we keep on hoping to come across something like…

hawaii 044This, Manoa Falls. You’re seeing about the bottom 2/3rds of it. When our daughter Helen was living in Hawaii we went to visit and she took us on this wonderful cloud forest tour.

CIMG8115We’re on our return hike when Mary captures these mariposas, butterflies.

CIMG8116These flowers had to have bloomed since our trek up as we would have surely noticed them then.

CIMG8117And of course no adventure out in this neck of the woods goes without some cold ones and food at Moro Paraiso.

CIMG8118We’ve plopped ourselves down in front of one the big fans and our beers and chips/salsa arrive to our cheers.

CIMG8119Mary’s Queso Fundido arrives and we must be honest. If Mary had known they would put chopped up hotdogs in it she would have said, emphatically, sin salchicha!

CIMG8122But my Filete de Pescado al Diablo, with a little more hot sauce poured on, is darn near perfect!

CIMG8130We’ve settled our bill and walked the 20min. into Paso del Guayabo only to have a local tell us the bus service is done for the day, so… we walk all the way to Paso Ancho and catch a bus just as it is loading. The going is slow, for as you can see, ahead of us is a non-stop parade of cars filled with exhausted families headed home from a glorious Sunday afternoon at their favorite Rio Cuale waterhole. Cheers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. If you know of any falls up in the mountains that could rival Manoa falls, Bruce and Mary would seriously like to hear about it. BTW: Bruce and Mary are traveling so please be patient with replies to comments. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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