Mariscos Bella Mar

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they, once again, explore the vast Puerto Vallarta hospitality scene. Provecho!

RiverWalk 033Mary is at the entrance to Mariscos Bella Mar at the intersection of Calles Madero y Serdan, just a couple doors down from the popular gringo hangout Que Pasa. We discovered this joint a couple weeks ago at the end of our river walk.

BellaMar 047Mary is sitting at “our table”.

BellaMar 034Here’s a look at the main dining area.

RiverWalk 030On our first visit I have dedos de pescado or what most would call fish tacos. They are tasty and the fish portions are generous.

RiverWalk 031Here are Mary’s nachos. They are very cheesy and quite delightful. See the Corona? That’s what brought us in – only 15P, all day, every day (except for Tuesdays when they are closed).

BellaMar 016We’re back again, for happy hour, and I am staring down a Michelada Botanero, a litro of flavored beer topped by shrimp, cucumbers, and carrots.

BellaMar 014Mary opts for the regular Michelada and FFs. Although they are not on the menu as a side, el jefe Alejandro charges just 15P for these tasty fries.  Speaking of Alejandro…

BellaMar 035Here he is, hard at work.

BellaMar 055We’re done with our Friday afternoon workout at Power Fitness gym and back again for some post workout nutrition. I have chosen Filete Pescado al Ajo, fish fillet fried in lots of garlic. All components of this meal are muy delicioso!

BellaMar 052Mary has a hankering for quesadillas. But, as this is a seafood place, the only menu offerings are shrimp or fish, so Mary challenges Alejandro to come up with a veggie quesadilla, which he does, awesomely, and… because it has only veggies and cheese he offers two for the price of one.

BellaMar 013Speaking of the menu, here you go!

BellaMar 019I’m dipping into the house salsa, not for my food but for my…

BellaMar 020Cerveza! I am turning my cielo rojo into more of what we call a michelada as the major component of this remarkable house-made hot sauce is salsa ingletera, Worcestershire Sauce. This prompts an interesting conversation with Alejandro. Where we come from, Yucatan, a michelada is cerveza mixed with Maggi, Worcestershire, lime juice, a dash of hot sauce and the glass is rimmed with salt. Here, in PV, a michelada is what we called a chelada in Yucatan, simply a healthy portion of lime juice mixed with the cerveza and the glass rimmed with Tajin, a nice touch. Alejandro tells us that our version of a michelada is what he calls a cerveza salseado and he can do those as well. Chido, cool! Oh, BTW, a cielo rojo is cerveza, lime juice and clamato.

BellaMar 030All this beer talk is making me thirsty, Cheers!!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. If you have your own little out of the way places where the beer is cheap and the food is good, please share. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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