El Nogalito

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they explore the quiet pueblo, El Nogalito, just a few kms south of PV.

El Nogalito 001We’ve just boarded a Boca/Mismaloya bus at the stop on Calle Constitucion in front of the Oxxo and are headed up Basilio Badillo. We are about to take a right onto Hwy 200 to labor up the hill and out of town.

El Nogalito 005This is a view of the Pacific from our bus window.

El Nogalito 007Mary had asked a fellow passenger where to get off and this is the spot. We are lucky that there are a couple other riders who debarked and seem to know where they are going because…El Nogalito 009It’s kind of hard to tell!

El Nogalito 011We commence our trek into the jungle.

El Nogalito 016And we continue our journey.

El Nogalito 018Ahh, finally, our first sign of civilization, an electrical substation.

022And we come upon a chicken farm in what I call Baja Nogalito, as this seems to be a suburb of Nogalito proper that crawls along Rio Nogalito.

024And this seems to be a thatching operation.

037And this is a man and his family enjoying one of several Albercas Naturales, natural swimming pools along Rio Nogalito. But we must tell the reader, this pic was taken last fall, at the end of the rainy season.

El Nogalito 024La alberca natural, this day.

El Nogalito 028After leaving Baja Nogalito behind we come upon this vista, a tropical storm run-off creek bed high up this foothill. Imagine the cascade of rushing water after a tropical storm.

El Nogalito 032Finally, we have come to the bridge that will bring us into El Nogalito.

El Nogalito 033And this is main street Nogalito. It seems to be a quiet and prosperous town.

El Nogalito 036We’ve come to Calle Gavilanes and the road to Casa de los Monos.

El Nogalito 038This is Casa de los Monos, a well known B&B. We wonder if there really are some monos, monkeys around.

El Nogalito 042We head back to main street and come upon this very nice house, one of several in this pueblo of 170 souls.

El Nogalito 045And another very nice casa.

El Nogalito 047We love the stone work and architecture of this catedral.

El Nogalito 053And the parsonage next door is not too shabby.

El Nogalito 052We come to the end of main street and find this Rotary International playground.

El Nogalito 046Back-tracking down the main drag we come to this street leading out of town to Mundo Nogalito Eco Adventure Park which we suspect is the main driver of El Nogalito’s economy. We figure we’ll ante up and have a couple beers in their fancy restaurant while checking out the vistas.

El Nogalito 060We’ve been walking about 20 minutes, mostly up hill, when we come upon this interesting view. Note the swath of new growth beneath the power-line tower.

El Nogalito 070To heck with Mundo Nogalito. We had walked for another 10 minutes or so, gave up and reversed directions to end up here at this fine little tienda on main street.

El Nogalito 066We’ve bought a couple of Pacificos and have joined these fine lads on the patio, you can see me in the back.

El Nogalito 068Mary says, Cheers! BTW: Do you see the odd looking fruits behind Mary, hanging from a tree?

El Nogalito 069Our new friends tell us this is Jaca fruit. They expound the nutritious virtues of it, telling us that eating oneВ Jaca fruit will make a man strong enough to handle two women! We all laugh heartily.

El Nogalito 065We take one last look at Nogalito and head out of town.

El Nogalito 071We are taking the main road to the hwy and bypassing Baja Nogalito as this is a short cut to our beach destination.

040Along the way we come upon this monster termite nest. Did you know that termites constitute the fifth largest biomass in the world? Go Termites!

El Nogalito 074And we have finally made our way back to the highway and just across it is…

El Nogalito 075Playa Negra. And now it is time for…

El Nogalito 077The descent to the beach. In my hand are my sandals. With the sand coating the steps, they are far too slippery for anything other than bare feet.

El Nogalito 092We’ve staked our claim and this is our view north. On the horizon you can just make out PV’s hotel zone.

El Nogalito 093And this is the view south. You can see Los Arcos, the rocky islands that frame Playa Mismaloya.

El Nogalito 096And this is my favorite view, Mary returning to me after dipping her toes.

El Nogalito 085It is a near perfect beach day and we have our cooler of beer and now I am lighting a robusto, that’s how we roll.

El Nogalito 107These kids with their raft have been entertaining us for about an hour. There are three others you cannot see right now and they have been struggling mightily to beat the surf and get the raft out beyond the crashing waves.

El Nogalito 109Well, all good things must come to an end (we’ve run out of beer) and it is time for the ascent.

El Nogalito 115We are sitting in the bus shelter (which is not doing a very good job of sheltering my bald pate) waiting for the next Boca bus, it seldom takes more than 10-15 minutes for one to arrive.

El Nogalito 116And our bus has arrived and we hop on, just a little weary from our day.

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Bruce and Mary feel that there is a lot more to be told about El Nogalito, so readers please chime in, on that subject or any other. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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