Bicicleta Eliptica!

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary in their search for a bicicleta eliptica, an elliptical machine. Buckle up! :)

Eliptica Fuji 004It’s Monday and Mary is asking for some advice from Hugo, the owner of our gym, Power Fitness. We’ve been talking about buying an elliptical machine for a while but suddenly our need is desperate. You see, we’ve been doing our cardio Zumba style to a Juanes playlist for about two years and it has been very effective for maintaining our cardio condition, which, with our resistance exercise we hope cancels out some of our bad habits. But for the last couple weeks my back has been acting up and then getting better over the weekend when we give our cardio a rest. And Mary has had to wear a knee brace for a while, while Zumba-ing. Well, today the impact was just too much. About 10 minutes into our session, I killed the music and announced to Mary, “That’s it, time for an early Christmas present, we’re getting an elliptical!” So, on Tuesday, acting on Hugo’s info, our shopping adventure starts…

Eliptica Fuji 007Here, at a commercial cardio equipment tienda Hugo told us about. Hugo couldn’t remember the name and only knew the general direction of the place so I did some googling and found this on Facebook: Equipo para cardio seminuevo. So Mary called and talked to a young gal, telling her we’d like to check out their used bicicletas elipticas and she asked for specific directions: Take any blue Ixtapa bus beyond the airport and get off at el crucero de Las Juntas. Well, we took that long bus ride, walked across the hwy and here we are. Upon entering the store we see brand new commercial grade treadmills and ellipticals but no used equipment. Oh, the young gal tells us, that equipment is in their main store in Guadalajara. Could you give us some prices? We ask. No, she cannot, but she can email them to us. Mary gives her email address and we say adios (never to hear from her again). So on the bus ride back into town we debark and…

Eliptica Casio 007Here we are, in a Marti sporting goods store in the upscale Galerias Vallarta shopping center. Here is a machine that has every feature we are looking for. It is a little over our budget but as long as we are here…

Eliptica Casio 011We might as well check it out. Cesar, with some help, has placed the machine on the floor and plugged it in and I am taking it for a test drive. It is a smooth machine, Mary and I like it a lot. And, Cesar tells us, the price includes delivery to our third floor flat and assembly. Cool!

Eliptica Casio 013Since Sam’s Club is right next door (Walmart only has cheap friction wheel ellipticals) we thought we’d check it out and the price of this unit, at only 5299P really caught our eye. I have just clambered onto the display stand to check it out but a security guard becomes alarmed telling me that this is muy peligroso, so he and another worker place this machine on the floor. I try it out and it wobbles all over the place. And when I help the worker lift it back up I notice there is no weight to it at all. Strike this one off the list.

Eliptica Fuji 008It’s Wednesday and following Hugo’s other suggestion, we are checking out Costco where we find this Pro Form Eliptica that even features an incline up to 20 degrees! I heft one end of  a boxed unit and it must weigh 300#. It is clear that this is a value, but upon inquiry we find that we would have to make arrangements to have this unit placed on the floor for a test drive and that could not be done this day, and, we also find that to have it delivered and installed, by a third party, would add an extra 1100P. Nope, I don’t think so.

Eliptica Proform 600It’s Thursday and we’re getting a little frustrated so, googling again, I check out Marti’s online presence and see this, the exact eliptica we checked out at the Marti store at Galerias Vallarta. I figure to heck with it, I’ll just buy it online. But… the cart check-out page will not accept a US credit card. Mary calls their telephone sales number and that is just the way it is. So I print out this page for future ammunition and…

Mapa de tienda martiOn a hunch, I google to see if there is another Marti tienda in PV that will, perhaps, assist us with this order. Lo and behold there is an “outlet” store, which sounds promising, right on Av Francisca Villa. The only problem is, we have been up and down Francisca Villa many times and the only thing we can remember at this location is a broken down used car lot. But google maps are never wrong, are they?

BuyingEliptica F 001Long story short: We got off the bus right where the map dictated and found… a broken down used car lot. But since it was only about 93 degrees and sunny we thought we’d walk the 3/4 mile to Macroplaza and check it out. What do you know, that is where the Marti outlet store is! Here I am checking out their eliptica. Way too wobbly. But Miguel, one of the clerks, calls headquarters in Guadalajara and for some reason this store cannot assist us, but… the one in Galerias Vallarta can. Back to square one. We’re tired and really overheated but we want to wrap this thing up so we march to the bus stop and Mary makes friends with a bus checker stationed there. We have never bused this crosstown route before and the checker who had insisted that Mary take his seat in the shade, ushers us onto the correct bus when it arrives. Thank you sir!

BuyingEliptica F 005So here we are again, back at Marti, Galerias Vallarta.

BuyingEliptica Fuji 001We’d just presented the printout and about half way into “Why should we buy it here?” Miguel tells us that that sale price is brand new this day and of course they can honor it! We are ecstatic as Miguel processes our American issued Master Card. He promises free delivery on Monday and free assembly on Wednesday or Thursday.

BuyingEliptica Fuji 005Time to celebrate. We spotted this bar next door to Galerias Vallarta from the bus.

BuyingEliptica F 008Our vantage from Vistalbar.

BuyingEliptica F 014Bruce and Mary celebrating, courtesy our new friends…

BuyingEliptica F 018Diego and Iris.

Eliptica, delivered, setup 001It’s Monday evening and someone has made off with the store’s truck so Miguel had to shoehorn this 152# box into and out of the back seat of his car.

Eliptica, delivered, setup 003The first of three flights. I offer to help but they will have nothing of it.

Eliptica, delivered, setup 004Bien hecho, good job, Jose and Miguel!

Eliptica, delivered, setup 005It’s Thursday and Ricardo the assembler and owner of Icon Fitness had called us last evening to tell us he’d be here this morning at 11 and Ricardo has evidently never heard of Mx time because it is 10:30. Eliptica, delivered, setup 007With his tools at the ready, Ricardo carefully maps the room with all the parts and following is a slide show of our eliptica coming together:

Eliptica, delivered, setup 009

Eliptica, delivered, setup 011

Eliptica, delivered, setup 014

Eliptica, delivered, setup 019The eliptica is assembled and Ricardo is giving a primer on the operation of it. Then he heads out and any sort of a tip is out of the question. This man is extremely capable and professional.

Eliptica, delivered, setup 027Mary does her first workout while watching Simon Hopkinson Cooks, thanks to Netflix. It is a taxing workout since it’s been a long hiatus away from an elliptical, but she is savoring Simon’s smashing garlic with sea salt. For her, a cardio workout just doesn’t get any better than this!

Eliptica, delivered, setup 028And I’m doing my 30 minute stint while watching a documentary of the building of the LHC, Large Hadron Collider. And that my friends, is the happy ending to “Bicicleta Eliptica”!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. As usual, Bruce and Mary love comentarios so please feel free, on this subject or any other. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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