Zebra’s Estetica

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please come along as Mary makes her monthly visit to her hairdresser, Zebra’s. Provecho!

Martha 003Mary is at the entrance to Zebra’s Estetica, located on Insurgentes entre Calles Cardenas y Madero.

Martha 005Mary is waiting comfortably in the lounge, we’re a little early.

Martha 047The effervescent Martha (pronounced Marta) beckons Mary to her chair, right at the appointed time.

Martha 009And Martha starts snipping away.

Martha 019Now Martha is applying the tint which she mixed up by hand.

Martha 021Martha’s pedicurist, Faviola, has just popped in. Mary has yet to indulge in a pedicure but it may be about time.

Martha 026Mary joins me in the lounge, while her tint is setting, and we watch Martha’s team at work. They do a lot of men’s cuts as well.

Martha 056Now we know why young men’s cuts look so precise, Martha is using a straightedge to shape this man’s hair cut.

Martha 058The tint has set and Martha is rinsing Mary’s hair in the back room. Mary is intrigued by an orchid growing on the wall.

Martha 032And now that final stage, blow drying and styling.

Martha 044Here are Olivia, Martha and Pati . Martha has a great team. They can take care of you from head to toes. Today’s cut and color…  250pesos.

Martha 004Now, finally, it is time for happy hour! Travieso’s, across the street, beckons.

Martha 072From our perch at Travs we look down upon Zebra’s Estetica and now, Mary says…

Martha 045Cheers!

Martha 074And in a semi-regular feature, please meet blog followers Mick and Evelyn who hail from Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver. Welcome back to Vallarta, Mick and Evelyn!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Bruce and Mary love comentarios so please feel free. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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