A Dover Christmas

Bienvenido, loyal reader. As a friendly reminder, Bruce and Mary take this opportunity to say that the original motivation for this blog was to keep family and friends informed of their doings. That being said, some of you may want to sit this post out, because, outside of said family and friends, it may be kind of boring. So… proceed at your own risk! 🙂

This is the scene at the Puerto Vallarta airport as we get in line for gate passes. We thought something was up when we saw a busy, makeshift sidewalk bar set up next to the main entrance and then this mass of people. We spend about an hour in line.

This is the crush of people entering the secured area.

We cleared security and are walking to our gate when we see this hazmat operation. It wasn’t until much later in the day that we heard what had happened. Our day was about to get a lot more complicated.

After sipping 93P cervezas and grazing on trailmix for about five hours we finally see an airliner arrive at a gate. It is a SW Air flight to Houston, which does us no good but it is good to see that the gates are starting to open. Our flight starts boarding about a half hour later. Originally we were connecting in Denver with our final destination Boston but now we have been diverted to Newark.

We’re at the Ramada Plaza in Newark. Of course our flight landed about two hours too late for the Boston connection so we waited in line, for about an hour, at United customer service. We did get food vouchers and a voucher for this overnight stay, along with gate passes for a 7am flight tomorrow morning. We hit the sack at 2am with the alarm set for 5am.

Thankfully this next day of travel has no added excitement and after an hour and a half bus ride from Boston to Dover, NH our son Sam picks us up at the bus station about 11am. And the first order of business is…

Grandma decorating cookies with nietas (granddaughters) three year old Summer and five year old Aria.

This is the Christmas dinner prep crew: Son Sam, better half Annah and our daughter Helen.

While dinner is cooking Aria tries to teach me how to do a pirouette.

Let’s see how I do.

After my performance (such as it was) a wonderful vegan Christmas dinner featuring Chickpea cutlets is served. It is delicious, even for this meat eater. I fill my plate twice.

The table has been cleared, time for the Christmas presents. This doll crib has been in Mary’s family for three generations. A special thank you to Mary’s brother Bob and wife Mary for getting this out of storage and shipped here.

Mary is playing a Bingo type game with the girls.

I’m playing the Acorn game with Aria and Summer. The girls take turns winning.

Helen and Aria are making custom headbands.

Mary and Summer are doing some clay creation.

Here’s a cool gift, specialized lens for our smart phone cameras, that we got from son Joe and Meryah, who were unable to attend this year’s celebration.

Let’s try the fish eye lens.

It’s the next morning and we’re at Aria’s basketball practice.

Aria is center and facing us. BTW: The volunteer coaches do a terrific job.

We’re back home and Auntie Helen is romping in the snow with her nieces.

Kathy and Pat, Annah’s folks have arrived for brunch.

After brunch we play the card game Five Crowns (a gift from Kevin and Rosie). That’s John, Annah’s brother next to Mary. Pat alternates between, “I hate this game!” and “I love this game!” After all is said and done, Mary wins, naturally.

It’s later in the evening and the kids, joined by their friend Chris are playing Betrayal at House on the Hill, a game that is way over my head.

Annah, coerced into playing, is having her fun balancing dice.

It’s Sunday and Joe and Mer are joining us via Facetime.

We’re at the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth for Sunday night dinner.

While we wait for our food, Aria the artist does portraits of each of us:

Not bad for a five year old, eh?

After our meals we head home to Dover and everyone konks out pretty early except for Helen, me and Mary. We’d set the alarm for 1:30am as our bus heads to the airport at 2:30 but when we find that we have partied until 11, when Helen heads downstairs, we decide, what the heck, let’s just stay up all night. Which we do. Sammy is up at 2:10 and takes us to the bus depot and our travel back home to Vallarta is, thankfully, without incident.

A belated Happy New Year, everyone, Cheers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Hasta proximo Domingo!


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