Central Gym!

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Today, Bruce and Mary would like to show you their new gym, so… let’s get ready to rumble! 🙂

002Mary is at the entrance to our Central Gym (the other one is in Centro) located on Av Francisco Villa between Calles De Las Americas y Emiliano Zapata in Col. Vena. Some of you may know that we have moved to another part of Puerto Vallarta and Power Fitness Gym is simply too far away, we don’t want to have to bus to the gym. So we are very happy to find this excellent facility.

023We go to the gym twice a week so we split our routines into “Push” days which work the body’s muscles that push and “Pull/Legs” days. Today is Pull/Legs day and I have to say I love this seated hamstring curl machine. Of course all gym rats know that the best exercise for hammies is the Romanian Dead Lift. Unfortunately, due to a hip flexion problem, I cannot do them anymore without incurring nasty inflammation, so this is the next best thing.

013Of course squats are the king of quad exercises, but again, that hip thing. If you have to do leg extensions, this is one of the smoothest machines I have used.

003Mary is posing on an elliptical (we do all our cardio at home) just to show the fine array of modern machines they have.

017Mary is on a horizontal leg press machine. This also is very smooth and the weight stack can be set very heavy, if you like, heavy enough to challenge even the biggest boys.

022This is a very nice dip station and incline board. But that’s for tri’s and abs, not this day.

024Mary is doing pull-ups with assistance straps (thanks, kids!)

026Straight arm lat pull-downs are the third exercise in my back routine.

009Mary is showing very good form on the lat pull down.

016Now Mary is working her middle back with the seated row machine.

038I like to super-set biceps work with back work.

036Mary is doing dumb bell shrugs. Ladies, if you want to look good in a backless dress do these along with seated rows.

053Ok, with this last set of Smith Machine shrugs that’s a wrap for this “Pull” day.

056Ramon is the gerente, manager. He also does a lot of floor training which is fun for me to watch as he really knows what he is doing.

BTW: Monthly dues are 300P, day passes are a low 35P.

Remember, your body is your temple! 🙂

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Bruce and Mary would love to hear about your gyms and fitness routines, please share! Hasta proximo Domingo!

June 26, 2016 · Bruce · 14 Comments
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