Francisco, Revisited!

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Anyone who knows Bruce knows he likes to repeat himself… a lot. But in this case, both Bruce and Mary think it is well deserved.

Francisco 002I’m at the entrance to Mi Internet Cafe, located in Old Town on Calle Carranza between Insurgentes y Constitucion. We’re looking for our computer guy, Francisco, and he can be found here or…

Francisco 003At the sister store across the street.

Francisco 007Francisco has been servicing our computers for years and we did blog him a while ago but we thought an update was in order. Back when we were working online, Francisco was a crucial asset for us. Now our issue is not quite so important. Our TV computer which used to be the work back-up for the both of us, had crashed and we’d dropped it off a couple of days ago. He could have done same day service (even though we did not have an appointment) but we didn’t want to hang around Old Town long enough. Now he is explaining exactly what he did for us, which included a detailed diagnostic and cleaning up of the hard drive and fixing the cooling system.

Francisco 008We’re settling up. The charge? 200P, about $11USD.

Francisco 009Francisco is available Tuesday through Saturday. However, he tells us, he will soon be in Cancun for a while, training in the employees of a new branch. In his stead, he assures us Karim can help us out with any problems.

Francisco 011After running a few more errands (there are still many things that we cannot find in our new neighborhood) we’re having happy hour at our favorite cantina, Travieso’s.

Francisco 012I think every expat in Mexico does their TV a little differently. Right now I am plugging in the VGA cable that connects the video from our Toshiba to the TV. I know, HDMI is considered superior and that is what we had been using. We have found those port and cable connections to be a little too finicky and the resolution the VGA cable provides is good enough for us and… super stable.

Francisco 013Now I am hooking up the audio out.

Francisco 021Time to configure the computer.

Francisco 014I want to project my computer screen to the TV and…

Francisco 015We don’t need two screens staring at us. BTW: This is Windows 7.

Francisco 016Ok, we’re all set up, let’s see what’s on Netflix. Netflix Mexico doesn’t have quite the same offerings as NOB but it still has a lot and it’s only about six bucks a month.

Francisco 018I think this evening we’ll watch a movie. The DVD drive broke a couple years ago so we bought this external drive.

Francisco 019How about Green Mile tonight?

Francisco 025And that my friends, when it comes to TV, is how we roll. Cheers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Bruce and Mary would love to hear how you do your TV, so please feel free in sharing. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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