Taqueria Los Patrones del Pitillal

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please come along as Bruce and Mary check out a new taco restaurant in Pitillal,  Provecho!

Mary is at the entrance to the recently opened Los Patrones located on the corner of Calles Abasalo y 5th de Mayo in Pitillal, the city within the city of Puerto Vallarta.

Our table is secured.

Our first visit I ordered the full orden, splitting the carne between adobada, chorizo and chuleta. It is way more food than I need.

Here’s Mary’s Volcane, But this is only half the picture because…

It is pre-garnishment laden. This table has everything including hot sauces rated from nivel, level, 1 to 3 which is incendiary.

Now that’s a Volcane, take it away, Mary: I love these, and it is a Volcane Sencilla, meaning it is a meat-free, cheese covered tostada that is toasted, then they bring on the beans. Nice and cheesy, crunchy and loaded with beans. Plus look at the nicely charred onion and jalapeno on the side. Can’t ask for more!

On our next visit I had the media orden of, once again, adobada, chorizo and chuleta. This is the right amount of food for me and, like the full order, very tasty. In fact the meat is so lean that I juice it up a little with the nivel 1 tomato salsa from the garnishes table.

Mary decides on a sope this time, how was it, Mary? I do adore masa in any form, and this sope is thick, delicious, and very satisfying. Again with the beans, and it suits me down to the ground.

On this visit I opt for the quesadilla grande de adobada y chorizo. This is all the food I need, even post work-out, and again, very tasty.

This tells the whole story, my quesadilla opened up.

Here’s Mary’s taco de chorizo, loaded up. Yours, Mary: Wanting to try something different, I chose the small chorizo taco. The tortilla was tasty enough to stand up to the beans, different garnishes and the Mexican sausage, which is very good in PV, haven’t had bad chorizo yet.

The baños are brand new and quite nice and to the left is…

The kiddies’ play area. And it’s a play kitchen, perfect!

These cocineros, cooks, are enjoying their craft, as are…

The kitchen ladies.

These are the servers on duty this day.

Our favorite server is the lovely and muy amable Iris.

Here is their menu for your perusal. Oh, did I mention that they allow you to bring your own beers in? And right now Kiosko is running a 3 Latones (the tall ones) of Tecate for only 33P. Que bueno!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Hasta proximo Domingo!

February 26, 2017 · Bruce · 6 Comments
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