Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they do a little commerce, Mexican-style. Bring your ear-plugs.

020When Amazon Mexico first started up it was, frankly, a little hard to navigate. But that has changed dramatically. You cannot see it but Mary is pointing at “Welcome Mary” on the home page. She is proud to say that she has accounts with Amazon US, UK and now Mexico. You go, Amazonian!

005Yesterday Mary had logged into to get the status on the package she had ordered which was to be delivered tomorrow. Well, we’ve dealt with a lot of mañanas before which can quite often mean soonish but here it is, mañana, and we’re on the bus to Pacsa Deli. It’s the DHL driver on the phone and he is at our door. Mary asks if he would please open the unlocked gate to our patio and leave the package on the table. If you’re wondering, we live in a pretty secure neighborhood.

016We arrive home to find our package safe and sound.

017Oh boy, this is going to be fun!

019I gotta get my groove on!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Hasta proximo Domingo!


January 1, 2017 · Bruce · 10 Comments
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  1. Dave and Bev - January 2, 2017

    Happy New Year Mary and Bruce!

  2. Bruce - January 2, 2017

    Igualmente, Dave and Bev, Happy New Year to you, Cheers!

  3. Cathie - January 2, 2017

    Hola and Happy New Year to both of you!
    When ordering from Amazon Mexico do you need a Mexican credit card or do you use your USA credit card?

  4. Bruce - January 2, 2017

    Happy New Year to you, Cathie!

    We use a US credit card (we don’t have a Mx one).

    Thanks for reading, Cheers!

  5. Kim G - January 2, 2017

    Hola Bruce & Mary!
    Looks like your fabulous life continues apace. I’ll bet you’re really missing Minnesota right about now as we head into January. So sorry for you!
    Saludos y Feliz Año Nuevo!

    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we’ll probably spend much of the winter.

  6. Bruce - January 2, 2017

    Hola Kim!

    Hahaha, yes, MN winters are such a joy, from afar, like in Mexico.

    Igualmente, Feliz Año Nuevo a ti, Cheers!

  7. Megan - January 2, 2017

    Thank you! You inspired me to use Amazonmx to buy the tablets that kill off mosquito larvae in standing water. I really need them, but boy IVA and enviar are a killer! I have prime in the US-would have cost me $20 but here ended up costing me $60. Worth it to be mosquito free for the year, though.
    Feliz Año Nuevo!

  8. Bruce - January 2, 2017

    Hola Megan,

    Glad Amazon Mx (although in a bit of an expensive way) worked out for you. We are thrilled with the service and will be using it a lot.

    Feliz Año Nuevo a ti, Cheers!

  9. Alex - January 3, 2017

    So glad to see Amazon working for you here. You give us hope. Can you use a US credit card?

  10. Bruce - January 3, 2017

    Hola Alex,

    Yes, you most certainly can use a US credit card, that’s what we did.


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