Minnesota Pilgrimage 2014

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please join Bruce and Mary as they make their annual visit back to their friends and family in Minnesota.

MDD2014Canon 001Mary is relaxing with a beer, as am I, here at DFW, Dallas Fort Worth International. We flew out of PV at midday and have a couple hour layover here. We expect to be pounding on son Joe’s door, in Minneapolis, about midnight.

fuji film MDD 2014 001Joe, good son that he is, had a martini waiting for me last night and we relaxed with cigars out in the garage until the wee hours. After sleeping in Joe hauls us up to my mom’s place in Foley for a happy hour get-together. This is my mom, Margaret and sis Cheryl who is holding our younger nieta, granddaughter, one year old Summer.

MDD1 062

Joe¬†and better half¬†Meryah welcome Deb, Mary’s BFF who has just made the scene.

MDD2014Canon 023Daughter Helen has always been able to get a rise out of her aunt Cheryl.

MDD1 077As has¬†my aunt Carol with me. We were really pleased that she and my cousin Diane were able to make the scene. Behind me is Sally. She and husband Tom are about the best neighbors my mom could ever have. Right now Tom, a very successful contractor, is roofing mom’s house.

MDD1 058Speaking of Tom, here he is!

MDD1 057Joe and Helen are with our close friend Bonnie who drove over from our home town of Princeton with Deb. I see you, Mer, photobombing back there!

MDD1 067

And here’s our¬†eldest Sammy with my brother Mark and ¬†his wife, Connie. Sam had motored in with his family from their Dover, NH home a couple days ago.

MDD1 074And of course Kevin and Rosie made it over. You can tell Rosie is not buying any of what I am selling.

The next day we cruised to Kevin and Rosie’s place in nearby Sauk Rapids and started MDD2014 prep. ¬†Sunday, after damage assessment and a proper cleanup of Kevin and Rosie’s home we headed north to Mary’s family cabin, on a¬†small lake south of Garrison.

MDD2014Fujifilm 178Peter, Sam’s close friend from HS is up visiting with us at the cabin. That’s him on the right ringed¬†by Mary’s mom Harriet, Aria our 3 year old¬†granddaughter, Sam and his wife Annah. Sammy, Peter and I are pretty excited. Tonight, on the theater system downstairs we are watching Escape Plan. ¬†Sam is a huge Arnold fan and Peter loves Sly just as much and they both have been holding out on their first viewing, since the release last fall,¬†until they can do it together. Me, I’ve already seen it… but just once!

MDD2014Fujifilm 198Mary’s mom Harriet loves Cinnamon Raisin Bread and Aria wants to help, so let the slide show commence:

MDD2014Fujifilm 213MDD2014Fujifilm 217MDD2014Fujifilm 226Here you go, Harriet!

MDD2014Fujifilm 290Grandpa and Aria R&Ring in the hammock…

MDD2014Fujifilm 162Now she has it all to herself.

MDD2014Fujifilm 228Later in the week, Mary’s brother Bob and wife Mary visit us. Here, Sam and Bob, both math teachers, are, naturally, telling math jokes, “An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar…”

MDD2014Fujifilm 333Daddy and Aria are feeding the fishies off the end of the dock.

MDD2014Fujifilm 160One year old Summer is loving it up here, course she loves most everything, she is a happy baby.

MDD2014Fujifilm 257Aria is helping me tune up the storm door latch.

MDD2014Fujifilm 309Mom and Aria are coming in after surveying the lake via kayak.

MDD2014Fujifilm 353We’re getting ready to pull up stakes and head out so it is time for Mary’s mandatory stairway shot (she has a thing about them) so here’s Annah, Sam, Aria and Summer.

And then on Thursday we’re off to Minneapolis where daughter Helen and hubby Caleb put us up for the night after happy hour at the Chatterbox Pub with¬†friends of both generations, including Deb and Bonnie from Princeton. We temporarily misplaced our cameras so we have no photographic proof of this and little circumstantial evidence but the story¬†seems to¬†hold up in the court of our memories.

MDD2014Canon 085We’re at the Minnesota Children’s Museum in St. Paul and the theme is Our World where kids can pretend to be grown-up.¬†Here Aria is weighing some pretend veggies and…

MDD2014Canon 086paying for them.

MDD2014Casio 075We’re having a relaxing happy hour at Joe and Meryah’s when suddenly…

MDD2014Casio 034There is a vicious attack by the Dread Pirate Joders!

MDD2014Casio 043But in the end, Aria makes sure the Dread Pirate Joders gets his due.

MDD2014Casio 146But of course the happy hour highlight for grand-kids Aria and Summer is pool time.

MDD2014Casio 189It is Saturday and Cousining Day, Joe and Meryah are kind enough to host. You see, the kids discovered that there are a bunch of cousins who live within about a 5 mile radius, here in the city, so a little bit ago they organized the first Cousining and all got reacquainted. For this one, as we are in town, uncles and aunts are given a special exemption and allowed to attend.

MDD2014Casio 191Now it’s cousin Eli’s turn.

MDD2014Casio 128Speaking of uncles and aunts, here’s my brother and sister, Uncle Mark and Aunt Cheryl.

MDD2014Casio 165Cousins, David (Mark and Connie’s son) with his wife Heidi and Joe and Meryah.

MDD2014Casio 173Our Sammy and Joe with their cousin Ian.

MDD2014Casio 164Cousin/niece Laura (Mark and Connie’s daughter) with her hubby Mark.

MDD2014Casio 184Second cousins Alaina (Mark and Laura’s daughter) and Aria really hit it off, in fact so well that they…

MDD2014Casio 178plan a break-out.

MDD2014Casio 179But they make a big mistake, pausing to look back, giving Grandma Connie…

MDD2014Casio 180just enough time to corral the renegades.

MDD2014Casio 194The afternoon is winding down and Joe takes a break, courtesy his cousin Tia and hubby Dave.

MDD2014Fujifilm 394The crowd has dwindled to the campfire clan and cousin Ian, an accomplished musician, is entertaining us with his self penned songs.

Next up is daughter-in-law Annah, Ian is kind enough to loan her his guitar.

MDD2014Casio 225It’s Sunday¬†and Caleb and Sammy are playing Kubb. It is a day of simple pleasures and…

MDD2014Casio 215relaxing with family.¬†Aria joins Helen and Caleb in watching the other Kubb matches. Annah says you can tell Aria is half Moynihan, she’s never met a camera she doesn’t like.

It is just immediate family until…

MDD2014Casio 250Josh makes the scene. Josh is a childhood friend of all three of our kids and they have all remained close to him.

And now, as this is our last opportunity this visit, the latest…

New cover photoKelley family photo.

Early the next day, Monday, Joe wheels us to the airport and after a late breakfast with his siblings and their spouses Sammy and Annah head back East. As the sun sets slowly in the west we bid a fond farewell to all our family and friends.

Thanks for visiting gentle reader. Bruce and Mary hope that those followers, other than family and friends, forgive their indulgences in this post as there is nothing very “SetFreeInMexico” about it. And always, comentarios are much appreciated. Hasta proximo Domingo!

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  1. Alex - August 24, 2014

    Thanks for sharing your family and friends with us. Looks like a fun group.

  2. Bruce - August 24, 2014

    Hola Alex,

    Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Yes, the Kelley’s generally have a pretty good time.


  3. Pat - August 24, 2014

    Great looking family, but they should come to PV and let you lead the group to…….wherever. NOT it looks like you guys have it covered as it stands.

  4. Bruce - August 24, 2014

    Hola Pat,

    Thanks for the compliment, appreciated!

    Truthfully, we’d love to have the whole family down here to PV and hopefully that will happen in the not too distant future.

    Thanks for reading.


  5. Don Bell - August 24, 2014

    If you get that crewe down to PV let me know. Will try to avoid town that week . . . just kidding!

    Can’t imagine being away from my granders for months at a time. It will happen, and sooner than later, but. . .

    Stay tough Mary.

  6. Bruce - August 24, 2014

    Hola Don,

    Haha, yes there will be pandemonium if we can get that crew down.

    Nice sentiment, Don, that is the toughest thing about being down here, missing out on the grandkids.


  7. Jose A Herrera - August 24, 2014

    Great family reunion…thaanks for sharing !

  8. Bruce - August 25, 2014

    Hola Jose,

    Glad you enjoyed the post!


  9. Helen - August 27, 2014

    Damn, that is a good looking group.

  10. Mary - August 27, 2014

    Ah, Helen, yes it is, mija! And you would not believe how brilliant they are, too ūüôā


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