Nuestro Dentista Nuevo, Dr Orlando!

Bienvenido, loyal reader. Please come along with Bruce and Mary as they deal with a dental emergency… ouch!

What is that?! That, friends, is roughly a third of my right maxillary first bicuspid. How did it happen? I was at a restaurant which shall not be named, chowing down on some alitas, chicken wings and I felt a crunch and knew something was not right with the aforementioned tooth. Evidently the cook had mistaken a pinch of gravel for a pinch of spice and I bit down just right, cleaving my tooth lengthwise. Where it tapers, above, was below the gum line.

So we finish our meal, head home and Mary, armed with a flashlight and a toothpick picks food out of the newly formed crevasse. It was pretty sore but with a little bit of self medication (vodka) I slept ok. The next morning Mary tried to get ahold of Guillermo, our dentist in Old Town but had no luck, which is pretty understandable as it was Christmas Eve morning. So, she digs out the calling card of a young dentist who was hawking his wares on the sidewalk of Calle Independencia across the street north from Plaza Pitillal and gives Orlando a call. He picks up and a half hour later I am in his chair.

He thought on first look it would have to be extracted but on closer examination he decided to do a crown. After an hour in the chair we make an appointment to come back Tuesday for the permanent crown, although the temp felt so good that I tell Mary, “I could easily live with this.”

It’s Tuesday and I’m at the entrance to the mini-mall that houses the clinic.

The vantage from the entryway.

It’s just a little further.

My buddy and new dentist, Dr. Orlando.

Contact info, should you have the need.

“You’re going to feel a little pressure.” Is what Mary hears. I don’t hear him well enough and would ask, “What?” if I could. BTW: I didn’t even know he gave me a shot of Novocaine until my mouth started going numb. That’s what I call gentle, folks.

That’s my new corona, crown.

Mary is quite impressed that the drill has a built-in light.

After about 20 minutes of fine tuning the crown it is time to cement it.

And that’s a wrap, folks. And nice work Dr. Orlando, the crown feels identical to my original tooth, a perfect fit. Oh, the cost? 1500P, about $75USD at current exchange rates. We asked of other procedures: Filling cavities – 450P, Teeth whitening – 1500P which includes cleaning, of course. If we understood correctly, the whitening is done in two 20 minute sessions over the course of an hour.

Dr. Orlando is new to Pitillal, he’s only been here a few months. Before coming here he practiced for six years in his home state of Tamaulipas. He credits growing up in a “frontier” state for his acquisition of English. We will be seeing Dr. Orlando for all future dental needs.

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Hasta proximo Domingo!

January 29, 2017 · Bruce · 12 Comments
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  1. Dianne Avery - January 29, 2017

    Wayne has the same thing right now, but he is paying $280 USD here in Merida. He had one visit where they did an x-ray and made a mold. He is going back for a porcelain crown, but he has no pain. BTW, his was on Christmas Eve. You men are falling apart!! Take care and hola to Mary.

  2. Bruce - January 29, 2017

    Hahaha, Dianne, we are falling apart!

    Tell Wayne I’m feeling his pain, excuse me, I guess his lack of. Tell him he’s a lucky guy.

    Nice to hear from you, Cheers!

  3. Dave A Brunelle - January 29, 2017

    Awesome story. Was always afraid of dental disaster in Mexico during our many trips, but this makes me want to get my work done there!

  4. Bruce - January 29, 2017

    Hola Dave,

    My mother visited us when we lived in Merida, Yucatan and the savings on her crown more than paid for the trip. Medical tourism is very much a real thing, for gringos visiting Mexico.

    Thanks for reading, Cheers!

  5. Marly - January 29, 2017

    Ouch, Bruce! Somebody (as always) did a great job with the photo documentation of this nkt so pleasant event.

    Thanks for sharing, as always.

    As before, we have some things in common. Not that I would want your situation though. On Friday I went for my regular cleaning at my PV dentist office and looks like I may need a root canal. Oh well…better here in PV than back home. Especially price-wise.

    But this is what makes it “special.” I was sitting at Mariscos El Guero, bemoaning having a root canal, and who should pass by but two people who look rather familiar (at least from the back). The guy was tall and wearing a lime green tank top. The lady was wearing a pink jacket.

    They quickly headed south, out of sight. Sound familiar? Sort of like when I tried to stop that bus for you and then waved out the window when the driver refused to stop.

    That’s the 2nd time you’ve been 5 feet away but “no meet-up.” My mouth was full of a pulpo tostada so couldn’t greet you. Hope you were headed somewhere fun.

    Sounds like you found a good one with Dr. Orlando. There are some super dentists in PV, in case others didn’t know that.

  6. Bruce - January 29, 2017

    Hahaha, Marly, that sure sounds like us, and a route we walk often when in Old Town.

    Yes, we are fortunate, here in Vallarta, to have such excellent health care available and at such low prices.

    Thanks for reading, Cheers!

  7. Paula Knutson - January 30, 2017

    Great advertisement for the “new” dentist. Who was the old one in old town? We will be there in March for two weeks with my Mom and need to have a list of providers at the ready!

  8. Bruce - January 30, 2017

    Hola Paula,

    Our Old Town dentist was Guillermo, here is a link to a post we did about him:

    Thanks for reading, Cheers!

  9. Alex - January 30, 2017

    Yikes! My MIL recently had a root canal for 2000 pesos, about $100. Life is good. If you’re going to fall apart, best be here.

  10. Bruce - January 30, 2017

    Hahaha, Alex, yes indeed, it is best to fall apart down here! 🙂


  11. Cathie - February 4, 2017

    At least the only pain was the tooth and not the price. About that Dentist though – Dr. McDreamy! What a looker!

  12. Bruce - February 4, 2017

    Hahaha, Cathie, Mary thought the same.

    Thanks for reading, Cheers!

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