Zapata Mexican Bar

Bienvenido, loyal follower. Please come along as Bruce and Mary celebrate the Puerto Vallarta hospitality scene once again, Provecho!

Mary is at the entrance to Zapata Mexican Bar, located On Calle Cardenas, just up the corner from Los Muertos Brewing, in Old Town, Puerto Vallarta. This fine facility has housed several joints in our time here. I think this one might stick.

Our first visit we were treated to these botanas (not since then however, so don’t get your hopes up), Here’s Mary to describe them: Look at that striking red stripe created with beets blended with a modicum of mayo. This is a very nice plating of delicious bite-sized tamales filled with cochinita pibil. Very impressive.

What lured us in this first time were Cupocity coupons for a chicken burrito, fries and a beer. This is one darn good burrito and the fries are absolutely up to speed.

On our next visit, Mary had this pretty awesome portobello burger, all yours, Mary: This is an impressively massive, very tender portobello mushroom, nicely grilled then stacked on zucchini slices, grilled onions, spinach, tomatoes and cheese. A very filling, deeply flavorful portobello burger. Delicious top to bottom. The banana chips were a nice switch from french fries.And I had the arrachera steak. It was quite tasty.

On another visit, Mary had the Sopa de Tortilla, in her own words: This version sports a very deeply flavored tomato base with the usual suspects: lots of avocado, panela cheese and tortilla strips. This is a richer tortilla soup than I have had before, and I approve.

I had the Ribs. For a non-rib joint these were pretty good. I especially liked the side of corn.

Sometimes we’ll stop in for happy hour because…

The drink specials are, well, pretty special!

Every day they have this burger and beer special.

This menu is posted next to the entrance. You may need to zoom in.

We think Zapata has a pretty cool ambience mixing Mx hospitality with a laid back sports bar feel. Following is a short slide show which will hopefully convey the atmosphere:

On this visit, our good friends Phil and Di accompany us. And to all of you, we say Cheers!

Thanks for visiting, gentle reader. Hasta proximo Domingo!

February 12, 2017 · Bruce · 10 Comments
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10 Responses

  1. Peter Kouwenhoven - February 12, 2017

    No shortage of tasty treats here, and the prices are fair.

  2. Bruce - February 13, 2017

    Hola Peter,

    Sorry for the delay in response, I’m afraid your comment got nested.

    Yes, we agree, the prices are very reasonable for that type of establishment.

    Thanks for reading, Cheers!

  3. Paula Knutson - February 12, 2017

    Another great sounding recommendation. Looking forward to it!

  4. Bruce - February 12, 2017

    Hola Paula,

    We’re pretty sure you will enjoy Zapata.

    Thanks for reading, Cheers!

  5. Roger - February 13, 2017

    Hey Mary and Bruce,
    Christine and I also visited Zapata’s a couple weeks ago with a Cupocity. We agree with you 100%. It was just as good the second time also. Keep up the good work/reporting!
    Chris and Roger

  6. Bruce - February 13, 2017

    Hola Chris and Roger,

    Glad to hear that you had a good experience at Zapata’s.

    Thanks for reading, Cheers!

  7. Jon - February 13, 2017

    Glad to see you make it back to Old Town occasionally. Do you miss living in that part? Are you still getting to the beach also?

  8. Bruce - February 13, 2017

    Hola Jon,

    Yes, there are still a couple things that we have a hard time finding in our new neighborhood, which has us busing to Old Town. We used to miss it more but now we are getting the hang of our new neighborhood and in actuality we are falling in love with Pitillal. We go into Pitillal several times a week.

    When we first moved here we were at the beach all day Saturday and Sunday, every week. Now, it’s been months since we’ve been to the beach. Never thought we’d get our fill of that… but I guess we did.

    Thanks for reading, Cheers!

  9. Alex - February 14, 2017

    Nice looking space. Looks Super Bowl worthy.

  10. Bruce - February 14, 2017

    Oh yes, Alex, it is very much a sports bar, they even televise Eastern European pro basketball!

    Thanks for reading, Cheers!

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